Irish Coffee
Jairo Hillon
By Jairo Hillon
The history of Irish coffee takes us back to the 40s, of the last century. Back in 1942. The most popular story relates that a flight full of American passengers arrived at Foynes Air Base, located in the west of Ireland, after an intense fight of several hours against strong storms. The flight landed without problems in the base area and the passengers disembarked grateful to be alive, but cold due to the freezing night air. It was Joe Sheridan, the chef of the restaurant at the air terminal who understood the cold of the passengers, and to help them decided to prepare a drink that warmed their bodies and encouraged their spirit after the experience they had lived.


1 cup (0.24 l) of coffee
2 tablespoons of brown sugar
25 thousand Irish Whiskey
Whipped cream
200 thousand milk cream
Cinnamon at your desire

To prepare:

If we want to have an Irish touch, first we must find an elongated glass, to that glass we are going to add water, and we are going to heat it for a few minutes, then we add our two tablespoons of sugar to give it flavor to your preference, then we are going to add the special touch: the Irish whiskey, when we add it we will stir well to have a good mixture. After having this mix ready, apart we will prepare a cup of loaded coffee, when we have it ready, we add it to the mixture and last but not least we will add the cream and cinnamon.



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