Dalgona Coffee
Jairo Hillon
By Jairo Hillon
Whipped Coffee or Dalgona Coffee divides the opinions on its origin. In various publications, they point out its source in Korea, others in Greece, India, and Pakistan. However, Whipped Coffee is the most international drink these days, no one competes against it. Last year, we got to know about this coffee, thanks to platforms like Tik Tok and Instagram.


  • Cup
  • Bowl
  • Mixer


  • portions2 serving(s)
  • time5 mins
  • difficultyEasy



1 tablespoon and a half of instant coffee
1 tablespoon and a half of boiling water
1 tablespoon and a half of brown sugar


To prepare:


Take a bowl to mix the ingredients, first add the boiling water, then the tablespoon and a half of instant coffee, to flavor the coffee add the tablespoon and a half of sugar, it's important to note that sugar is optional and you can add the desired amount, to finish, we simply add half a tablespoon of vanilla essence and ... Let's stir! When it looks thick, it is ready to serve in your cup of coffee or milk.


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